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APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #2

₹ 2175

Genuine APC RBC(TM) are tested and certified for compatibility to restore UPS performance to the original specifications

Category: BATTRIES

The APC Replacement Battery Cartridge 2 (RBC2) is a reliable, high-quality sealed lead-acid battery designed specifically for use with APC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units. This replacement battery is engineered to provide robust backup power, ensuring that connected equipment remains protected from power interruptions, surges, and spikes.

Key Features and Benefits:

Ease of Installation: The RBC2 is designed for straightforward and quick installation, allowing users to replace old or depleted batteries in their UPS units with minimal effort. This user-friendly design helps reduce downtime and ensures that the UPS system quickly returns to optimal performance.

Hot-Swappable: One of the standout features of the RBC2 is its hot-swappable capability. This means the battery can be replaced without needing to power down the UPS system or disconnect the load. This feature is crucial for environments that require continuous power, such as data centers, network closets, and critical IT infrastructure.

Compatibility: The APC RBC2 is compatible with a variety of APC UPS models, including the popular Back-UPS series. It meets or exceeds the original manufacturer's specifications, guaranteeing reliable performance and seamless compatibility.

Maintenance-Free: The sealed lead-acid battery design of the RBC2 is maintenance-free, eliminating the need for regular maintenance checks and ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Environmental Responsibility: The RBC2 is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. It is recyclable and complies with strict industry standards for environmental responsibility, making it an eco-friendly choice for businesses and organizations.

Reliable Performance: Engineered to deliver consistent and reliable power, the RBC2 helps ensure that critical equipment remains protected during power disturbances. This reliability is essential for maintaining the integrity of data and the smooth operation of essential systems.

Pre-Charged and Ready to Use: The RBC2 comes pre-charged and ready to use right out of the box, further simplifying the installation process and reducing the time required to get the UPS system back online.

In summary, the APC Replacement Battery Cartridge 2 is a dependable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible solution for maintaining uninterrupted power protection in APC UPS units. Its ease of installation, hot-swappable design, and reliable performance make it an essential component for any UPS maintenance strategy.

Length 15.1 cm
Width 6.4 cm
Height 9.4 cm
Weight 2.5 kg

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